Innovation 2014 – new products now available!

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After 6 months of trial and testing period Develor introduced two brand new training programs in the entire network. The Professional Task and Time Management course and the Challenger Sale solution package are now available for clients in all Develor countries.

The old-standing mid-January International Develor Train-the-Trainer Conference was organized in a cozy countryside hotel of Hungary for the senior trainers of the Develor network. The goal of the event as every year is the transfer of newly developed programs and know-how to the Develor network and prepare for upcoming international projects.

One of our main values is Innovation, providing new know-how to the customers regularly. The central Knowledge Management and Courseware Design department is continuously evaluating the incoming needs from the countries and develop state-of-art training programs and complex solutions. Our trainers and also the clients welcome this habit, moreover they expect it. In 2013 we introduced the Motivation 3.0 course, the extension of the Safety awareness portfolio, the comprehensive Leadership Whirlpool concept and the Fly for Life experiential learning module became very fast the favorite topics of our clients. 2014 starts with the Professional Task and Time Management training which is a paradigm-shift approach in this topic, while the Challenger Sale solution package is a cutting-edge method of sales and a new approach of marketing. We are already working on two further programs and promise that both will be big hits on the market” – commented Imre Szűcs, Knowledge Management Director and Vice President.

As of Develor always delivers internal TTT for involved experts when starting big-scale international projects, the Conference was a great opportunity to prepare the trainer team for the 10-country-wide Johnson Controls International leadership development, for the second wave of the Richter Gedeon worldwide sales training program and for the largest Middle-East customer experience improvement project for the market leader telecom firm, Etisalat.