• "At the Hungarian Siemens group a Talent Program has been introduced with the utmost support from the top management.

    We have selected Develor Consulting for the implementation of the first phase of the Talent program as a result of an open tendering process.

    The first phase of the Talent program was complemented with a Development Center (DC) so that we would have further information - other than the result of the performance appraisal results - for the compilation of the individual developmental plans for our talents. The challenge for us and for Develor Consulting was not only to deliver a high quality DC, but it was also

    • to define tasks that would measure their talents according to the global Siemens competence system,
    • DC observers would be able to objectively evaluate the talents’ competences based on the noted behavior and the same criteria
    • to have as much information as possible by the end of DC that can be utilized for the individual plans

    The course designer group and consultants of Develor Consulting Ltd. provided an excellent system in assessing our talents. Both in the preparatory phase of tasks and in making Siemens competences measurable, and during the DC itself and in giving feedbacks they have been customer oriented, flexible and professional in carrying out their tasks.

    They implemented a high quality diagnostics methodology, which provided a result that exceeded our expectations."

    Gabriella Juhász , Head of HR Functional Center Learning & Development, Talent Acquisition - SIEMENS
  • “…With the present reference I would like to express our satisfaction with our cooperation with Develor Bulgaria. Our contacts with the company began in 2010 when Merck Bulgaria hired consulting company, Develor for conducting different training programs for employees’ development in sales, communication and relationships with clients. Training programs were continued during 2011… As a result of the program my team substantially changed their work approach and way of communication with their colleagues from other departments. They started achieving their goals more easily and finding the shortest way to clarify work cases. The training contributed also for the significant change in the team itself – communication is clear and concrete, team spirit is visible and there is initiative for taking responsibilities…”

    Stela Petrova, Financial and Administrative Manager - Merck
  • "We have started to cooperate with Develor back in 2005. We appreciate their personal approach, willingness and flexibility in organisation of trainings, professionalism and high commitment of trainers, who prepare their trainings based on needs of our company and employees and incorporate practical experience in the contents of trainings.

    The implemented trainings included for example the Sales skills of the sales team and customer service, Presentation skills, Time Management and from 2009 Leadership skills trainings together with the Insights personality typology.

    Since 2005 Develor has also been developing managerial skills of our shop managers and helping us successfully implement our internal system of trainings of shop assistants in the sales skills (Train The Trainer).

    It is a pleasure for us to cooperate with Develor in development of our employees and we are looking forward to their future trainings."

    Klára Zajacová, HR Manager - Adidas
  • "Develor has carried out a training Finances for Non-financial Managers for our company. The training was based on everyday situations that our employees are coping with. It was focused on active practice using business simulation, where the participants could develop and practice the acquired theoretical knowledge and skills. I highly appreciate that the theory and practice was well balanced.

    The performance of the trainer on the trainings mirrored his long time real life experience. This enabled him via a number of examples from practice to explain the presented issues more effectively. I highly appreciate the professional, flexible and quick work and approach of Develor that was supported by a deep understanding of the SkyEurope Airlines needs."

    Ladislav Matasovic, Learning & Development Manager - SkyEurope Airlines
  • "...My first experience with Develor was during organization of a company event for Schneider Electric with the main idea to support the team cohesion. Based on the needs assessment of our company and our expectations Develor proposed Insights - the personal colourful typology. It had been prepared to exactly suit our needs content-, organization- and language wise (because of participating foreigners), taking into consideration the number of participants and the location of the event.

    The Insights training was led by trainers Kinga Novotná, Milan Zekucia, Martina Georgievová, Vladimír Rýpal and Dana Nemčická, who managed to grab the attention of the participants and inspire them to understand better both themselves and their colleagues. After the company event I had received positive feedback not only from our employees but from our management as well. Develor also proposed the second part of the event - the outdoor activity which was also realized on a very professional level.

    After the first positive experience I have approached Develor to prepare the Presentation skills training for selected employees, who present in front of the external customers. The training was delivered by Martina Georgievová, who can connect the theory and practice in an attractive manner. I value her professionalism and time during the training preparation, of course the delivery itself and her immediate feedback to the participants during practice. The evaluation received from the participants assured me that in case we need to develop our employees in the future I will gladly approach Develor with confidence."

    Ing. Monika Kraváriková, HR Director - Schneider Electric
  • „During the year 2010 ING Pension funding organized a series of trainings for a part of its employees and agents. Our only partner in this project was Develor Bulgaria. ...

    My impressions with Develor are from our joint work on the preparation of the program application documents, setting up training goals, their realization and the finalization of the project. Our initial expectations changed during the process of needs analysis. Our Develor partners extremely skilfully expanded our horizons and managed to mark specific areas where we should focus our efforts. Trainings were focused on practice and diversity of situational modules. They were delivered by three Develor trainers. Except for my excellent impressions by Todor Todorov, I can confirm my colleagues’ high appraisals for the other trainers.

    We still discuss the Insights profiles which every participant received even a year after the training. I would like to express my high appraisal for the entire project and for [how they] managed to help us see more clearly our boundaries on specific elements which to put on their right place, and most of all for that today we have the knowledge how to manage our sales and expectations.”

    Elitsa Zancheva, Sales Manager - ING Pension
  • "On the basis of our now two-year long relationship with Develor, I would describe the company using the following two attributes: professionalism and partnership. Professionalism: well-prepared and credible trainers offering excellent support in arranging various events. Partnership: Joint cooperation in specifying the necessary steps to be taken."

    Barnabás Kovács, Regional Head of Sales - Wrigley
  • "We have been collaborating with Develor on the continuing education of employees within the Business Unit Oncology since 2008. We started with an Insights project for managers, followed by all employees in the office and finally the whole sales team (2009). Our mutual collaboration continued with members of the sales team in 2010 in “Negotiating with difficult clients” followed by the screening of communication channels, habits and inter-team cooperation called “Team Sociomapping” in 2011 (all were included who come into mutual contact, including the office staff). Throughout the time of our collaboration Develor has been a very responsive company both in the organisation and implementing of training. Our team is very diverse, including people of various ages, experience, education, personality and having behind them a range of different types of training in their professional careers. The Develor trainers were and are able to adapt to this diversely composed team and can capture, integrate and maintain their interest. The last-mentioned project, Team Sociomapping, showed us another viewpoint of the situation in individual teams, inter-team cooperation and the level of communication between people positioned outside the firmly created teams. We were very satisfied with the training and it captivated us so much that next year we would like to undertake this training once more so that we are able to assess the progress of individual teams and at the same time the Business Unit Oncology as a whole one year on."

    Ing. Otakar Bureš, Ph.D., Ing. Otakar Bureš, Ph.D. Business Unit Oncology - Novartis
  • "A comprehensive development program of the company Develor Slovakia for the call centre operators had a positive impact on increasing the quality of the provided services and markedly strengthened the selling skills of our operators. The trainings tailored to the needs of our operators reflected concrete experience of trainers of the company Develor Slovakia in the insurance business and the telephone sales and services. We will gladly use their training and coaching services in future, as well."

    Žaneta Križanová, Director of the Allianz Direct Department - Allianz
  • „Selling generic products on highly competitive market demands an intelligent approach. As many other generic pharmaceutical companies it was Zentiva’s dream: satisfied customers’ needs, high - end affordable product, and the best human resources. Insights Discovery has made it true. Develor’s tool has helped Zentiva medical and sales representatives to go to extraordinary lengths to assist company clients. Insights Discovery transformed our employees’ sensitivity for customer needs into passion for customer service exceptional quality.”

    Lyubomir Chipilski, Medical Director - Zentiva
  • "The cooperation between Robert Bosch Elektronika Kft. and Develor Zrt. (as well as its legal predecessor, Door Training CE Kft.) has existed since 2003. In the past 10 years we have trusted Develor and its trainers with the delivery of the following training programs: Mastershift Management program, Insights Discovery © - Personal efficiency, Conscious Communication, Presentation Skills. One of the outstanding programs is the Mastershift Management program, where 110 Shift Managers and approx. 30 Foremen participated. The success of the program is proven by the enthusiastic participation of our colleagues, the prominent evaluation, and the efficiency of the training, meaning the successful application of the acquired knowledge. During the 3rd module team coaching was integrated into the program, and through processing the individual cases our colleagues became committed to improvement and to applying new solutions in their own fields. Trainers are credited for always delivering tailor-made training programs with innovative elements following a thorough diagnosis, thus passing on that practical knowledge and attitude to our colleagues that make them successful in their work."

    Judit Magyar, Development Manager - Robert Bosch Elektronika
  • „Zentiva a.s. cooperates with Develor since middle 2005 winning in a regular tender. The cooperation is focused on managerial courses (leadership) and basic competences (communication, goal orientation) of sales representatives and product managers. The courses were realized by Develor according to Zentiva’s assignment which came out of its educational program. Quality of the course content same as professional level of delivering were always evaluated positively by participants especially because of interactive methods and practical application.

    Trainers were flexible in using languages realizing courses in foreign subjects of Zentiva a.s. because the courses were delivered not only in Czech and Slovakia but also in Baltic countries and Romania. Besides professional knowledge we appreciate also very helpful approach of Develor’s management and individual trainers.“

    Bohumil Mandík, Field Force Training Manager - Zentiva
  • Adient arbeitet seit 2016 mit Develor im Rahmen unserer Führungskräftetrainings zusammen. Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit der Kooperation. Besonders schätzen wir Develors Flexibilität Themen mit uns gemeinsam zu entwickeln sowie an unsere Bedürfnisse anzupassen, dies zeigt sich auch in den sehr positiven Teilnehmerevaluationen. Wir freuen uns auf die weitere Zusammenarbeit.

    Dr. Rabea Haag, Manager Learning and Development EMEA - ADIENT
  • "We have been working together with Develor on a Leadership Academy since 2009. Since we evaluated the first program as a success and a good investment into our business, we have started with a second group of leaders in 2011.

    When we were looking for a partner three years ago to help us to improve the leadership capability in our business, it was important for us to find an organization that is able to

    - delivery high quality programs across our major markets

    - work together with us in a flexible in business oriented manner that we achieve real competency rather than just deliver a training program

    - ensure that the content of the program and the way it is delivered provides tailored solution in line with our company culture and processes

    - apply and compare different tools and methods - 360 degree tools before and after, online and face-to-face tools, modular program structure, coaching, leader interviews, etc. to achieve maximum effectiveness

    ... We are happy to work together with Develor since they fully satisfy the above criteria, and equally or even more important they proved to be an ethical business partner, seeking for a long term trusted relationship with its customers."

    Imre Vadász, Regional HR Director, SCSE - SONY
  • "Over the last few years, Develor’s staff has played a significant role in training our leaders. We highly recommend their Leadership Academy program for all newly appointed leaders…"

    . Johanna Mezővári, HR Manager - UPC