Middle East

Develor is represented in the Middle East, focusing on the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman. Besides the fact that most projects were run in the Emirates, and most partners are based there, we manage the entire region as a strategic territory from Dubai.

Our activities are focusing on four main business segments: Banks, IT/telecom, Hospitality, Automotive and Industrial. Most of the training courses we have been delivered are connected to our Leadership Impact and Sales Booster solutions, mixing training, coaching and consulting interventions.

Based on our experiences in the past ten years we understand the cultural background and the diversity of the region, which is crucial to delivering successful programs here. In line with our business approach more and more projects are focusing nowadays on measurability and business impact. This is the reason why the consultancy and diagnostic services became the center of focus. Our international trainer team working there puts a special emphasis on understanding both the certain client’s corporate culture and the cultural background of the people involved. The project teams are always multicultural in order to support the alignment of our customers’ diverse staff.

We perceive the Middle East as a vibrant region with huge growth and high potential, hence a key expansion territory of the Develor Network.

In case of any need, please contact us: info.middle-east@develor.com