Imre Vadász, Regional HR Director, SCSE – SONY

“We have been working together with Develor on a Leadership Academy since 2009. Since we evaluated the first program as a success and a good investment into our business, we have started with a second group of leaders in 2011.

When we were looking for a partner three years ago to help us to improve the leadership capability in our business, it was important for us to find an organization that is able to

– delivery high quality programs across our major markets

– work together with us in a flexible in business oriented manner that we achieve real competency rather than just deliver a training program

– ensure that the content of the program and the way it is delivered provides tailored solution in line with our company culture and processes

– apply and compare different tools and methods – 360 degree tools before and after, online and face-to-face tools, modular program structure, coaching, leader interviews, etc. to achieve maximum effectiveness

… We are happy to work together with Develor since they fully satisfy the above criteria, and equally or even more important they proved to be an ethical business partner, seeking for a long term trusted relationship with its customers.”

Imre Vadász, Regional HR Director, SCSE – SONY