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In his landmark book „Homo Deus” professor Harari envisions Dataism as a new paradigm for humanity. This approach looks at the world as a collection of data flows, and any value creation depends on data processing capability. It may seem as a far and philosophical vision, but is it?

DATA AND DATA PROCESSING IS THE NEW LANGUAGE. Even today, we live and breathe data. Not just via social media presence, but sensors are all around us. In addition, we receive much more data than we can digest. However, in business, there is no such thing as „I think / I feel “ anymore. Decisions need to be evidence / data based. So, our key to survival in private life as well as in business is our ability to work with data, the new literacy. But those critical skill are not taught, rather learnt by doing. Is this fast enough, or deep enough? This course is designed to accelerate our digital literacy, and even more – aspire to make it less threatening and more likeable.

WHAT MAKES THIS TRAINING SPECIAL is that it provides a specific framework and explains all relevant techniques in an easy to understand language (not math or statistics) and via examples. This is a primarily case-based course – a combination of pre-scripted case studies and own experience sharing, in a structured way. We place great emphasis on structured, logical data management flows, but even more on what happens before and after analytics. How do we ask the right, relevant questions? How do we make sense and interpret data analytics and make it into a vitally compelling story, for not necessary data-loving audiences? By the help of our practical, pragmatic and at the same time entertaining approach, we try to convert all participants to the new religion of „dataism“.

By the end of the program,

participants will be able to

  • overcome natural fears and reservations about data
  • follow a structured approach in data management
  • select the possibly right analytical tools, methods, even if not calculating them all

tell stories with data in highly visual format