Work-Life Balance

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How is it possible to live up to every expectation and cram everything into just 24 hours? What is ‘quality time’? Is it what we live at home? The program aims to answer these questions and provides support to create balance between work and private life. It does not merely lay the foundation of a different attitude, but it also supplies methods for a different approach to managing life.

THE OBJECTIVE OF THE TRAINING is to help participants recognize and find ‘quality time’, which would mean value and joy to them. We will aid participants to discover those things that can provide them with recreational plus in their work. These are experiences that are refreshing and inspirational, and may even lead to a flow experience.

THE STARTING POINT is the analysis of the current life style, and through recognizing their own drivers, the participants will discover how to work effectively on reaching important goals both at work and in private life. The program also offers stress managing and recreational techniques so that the participants can develop a life with greater balance.

By the end of the program participants will be able to prepare an individual development and solution plan based on personal diagnostics. They will be able to create healthy and harmonic balance between their tasks at work and in private life.

Potential follow-up courses

  • Motivation 3.0 – The inner strength
  • Stress Management
  • EQ – Emotional Intelligence
  • Assertive Communication
  • Individual coaching