Transactional Cross-Selling

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What if our customer approaches us, because he wants to use his existing product or has a complaint or wants to maintain his equipment? Can we turn this classical customer care or service situation into a sales opportunity? Of course, yes! The course provides a practical answer on the how.

THE TRANSACTIONAL CROSS-SELLING COURSE focuses on these frequent situations. Whether during a transaction in a bank, a complaint in a telecom showroom, or a scheduled maintenance in an automotive dealership, the opportunity can be exploited by the right attitude and behaviour.

THE COURSE EXPLAINS the winning sales methods and communication techniques from the customer’ point of view; and builds a solid logical process of communication, in which the customer’s mindset is gradually shifted from not having a need into a desire to purchase a new product or service.

WITH PRACTICAL APPROACHES and client-specific situational exercises participants will become conscious of how to guide the customer in a direction, which results in higher turnover, and more importantly in a higher level customer satisfaction.

By the end of the program participants will be able to turn a classical service situation into a sales opportunity, follow through that opportunity and cross-sell additional products, at the same time increasing customer satisfaction.


Principles of Sales

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