Stress Management

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Stress is part of our everyday life and we are never going to be able to eliminate it totally. Although we can learn how to handle it consciously to avoid frustration and health impacts, we need to know our own stress sources to manage them successfully.

STRESS IS NECESSARY TO PERFORM WELL and can inspire and motivate us, if we handle it effectively. It gives us the inner stimulus to overcome the obstacles that are in the way of achieving our dreams and goals. Although, if it gets beyond our control, it may cause diseases, can decrease our performance and may jeopardize our self-esteems and balance. All this is especially true for leaders and managers who are constantly under heavy pressure due to high expectations, strict and short deadlines and the responsibility they bear regarding their decisions and their subordinates. What shall we do then? We need to recognize such situations and manage them successfully.

THE COURSE HELPS us avoid the impact of exaggerating stress in our private and professional life, as well. The reasons, phases, the individual sensibility factors are presented and discussed and are measured by using special questionnaires and exercises. The fundamental objective of this course is to develop effective stress managing strategies and teach a bunch of stress releasing techniques to stay in balance and perform well in every field of our life. The conscious shaping of stress impacts and the development of a sound flexibility level helps people work together in harmony and protects physical and mental health.

By the end of the program participants will be able to influence the individual stress level, handle stress better, and also to recognize their own and others’ stress symptoms. They will choose and apply the best coping strategy to resolve the situation.

Potential follow-up

  • Individual coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Work-life Balance course
  • EQ – Emotional Intelligence course