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The success of sales depends on the salesperson’s personal impact on his business partner, on how persuasive his proposal is and how effectively he is able to drive forward the process to reach the agreement.

The lack of any above component leads to failure and the shortcomings of each component reduce the impact that is the outcome of the sales process.

The starting point of DEVELOR sales trainings is the 3 dimensions of the sales personality. Based on the company’s strategy, the content of the proposal, the characteristics of customers and the capabilities of the sales team we can define to what extent each dimension is required.

The dimensions of sales personality:

  • the contact (friend) – responsible for the establishment and maintenance of trust in the personal relationship with the partner
  • the expert (…) – responsible for ensuring that the proposal is understandable, tailored and convincing enough
  • the sales person (…) – responsible for ensuring that the sales process is moved forward and effectively completed

The courses are built modular. DEVELOR Situational Sales Model and the required level of sales personality components determines the extent of development focus on each factor. On this basis it is possible to build up either a two-day training or a multi-annual sales development system.

We develop the three roles in accordance with the ideal role-profile set by the management, and integrate the key strengths of the team based on the market position of the client in any case.

Trust-based relationship-building training

Training courses focused on the relationship of the sales person and the customer are generally based on two basic assumptions; either that there is a perfect method that works for everyone and in every relationship, or to explore the weaknesses of the sales person during relationship building and develop these areas.

Based on the potential of positive psychology approach, DEVELOR’s Trust-based relationship-building program builds on the strengths of the salesperson’s personality, and its modular design offers an advanced set of tools whose elements can be applied successfully in different qualities of contact situations.

As a result of the training salespeople are quickly able to make a positive impression and build lasting trust with partners, thus impact the success of the business based on their own personal power.

The training modules primarily focus on the contact element of the DEVELOR sales personality traits triad.


  1. Sales footprint
  2. The 3 components of sales personality
  3. Conditions of sales
  4. Professional preparation: the ‘Bakkal-attitude’
  5. Making contact: attraction and impact
  6. Making impact during the sales process (Impact and Influencing)

Convincing offer training (Compelling value proposition)

A good personal relationship is the foundation of a convincing offer. Its effect depends on the distinguishing power, which means the level of customer-specification, the focus on personal benefits and to what extent it is able to influence emotions. A convincing offer is rational and emotional at the same time, not only affecting the brain but also touching the heart.

The training equips salespeople with a powerful toolbox, and with its professional use they are capable of developing and presenting a convincing solution to the client’s problem.

The program modules are primarily aimed at the professional sales personality traits.


  1. Components of the effective offer
  2. Needs assessment: types of questions and the question funnel
  3. Benefit-based argument (feature – function – general benefit – personal benefit)
  4. Briefly but convincingly: the elevator pitch
  5. Storytelling in sales (emotional factor)
  6. Case study presentation (rational factor)
  7. Product presentation structure: Double-triangle
  8. Effective presentation of new products and services (Steve Jobs way)


The preparation of the development program consists of two parts. First, the sales team leaders determine the ideal sales role model that is the proportion of personality traits they consider ideal. On the other hand, building on the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) model they determine the key strengths of team members whose reinforcement and sharing is beneficial for the whole staff. We process these key strengths and incorporate them into the training as practice-oriented modules.


The program aims to achieve lasting positive change in behaviour, therefore the follow-up is given special attention to support application. In doing so, involvement and active engagement of leaders is primary and we recommend using the DEVELOR EnterTraining online platform as well.