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Nowadays, it is more and more common that tasks are allocated at workplaces in the form of projects. Whichever field of business life is concerned, due to the increasing competition, successful project managers have been more and more in demand. Project management is not about tasks, resources and deadlines, but first of all about the people involved.

NO MATTER, WHETHER THE COMPANY’S profile is commodity production or services, the principles are always the same: the important thing is not to work at a tense pace but to work efficiently. If you manage a project to the best of your knowledge, you don’t only save time but also become more profitable than your competitors. That’s what this training helps in: it provides guidelines and assistance for developing the abilities a project manager needs, i.e. to define projects, to manage risk, to plan quality, time and cost dimensions, to monitor the project task, to control the implementation of performance and successful closing.

ALTHOUGH, THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE WORKING on the implementation of a bigger program on a budget of billions of euros for several years, the principles are no different from the principles applicable to a two-week project, not even when in the latter case only a single co-worker participates. The tools, methods and solutions introduced at the training provide great help with implementing projects, irrespectively of whether you work alone or head a large team, and irrespectively of whether your work is assisted by a computer-aided planning program or not.

By the end of the program participants will be able to convert ideas into projects by designing, preparing and continuously monitoring and evaluating all the necessary elements of a properly managed project, including fielding and managing a project team.

Potential follow-up

  • Project Management workshop
  • Project Management individual and team coaching