Professional Presentation: Preparation

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Our program will teach you how to prepare elegant presentations that will bring changes in the thinking and behavior of your audience. We will teach how to set goals and plan public speeches, how to compress the main message and edit the slides. We will keep in mind throughout the training the principle of primary nature of the message itself, meaning visuals are very important, but they are not more than the functional support of our message.

‘I DID NOT HAVE TIME TO WRITE A SHORT LETTER, therefore I wrote a long one instead’ by Mark Twain. This quote brightly expresses why the majority of presentations are boring, and even pathetic. Nowadays a brilliant idea is not enough on its own. Its packaging determines whether there will be attention and resource for it. The majority of presenters mostly never or not sufficiently think through what kind of change they want to achieve with the audience. Do they want to inform them, compel them for action, or motivate them? Slides teeming with listings and data are only able to tire the audience so that in a careless moment the presenter would escape the platform.

DURING THE COURSE OF THE PROGRAM participants will learn the knack of preparing effective presentations through the analysis of their own presentation, through practicing and making changes to their presentation.

By the end of the program participants will be able to conceptually plan a presentation by designing sticky (memorable) messages.


MS PowerPoint knowledge

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