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Professional presentation is similar to flirting – it starts with raising awareness, which is self expression and self realization at the same time. You will learn how to grab and keep the attention of your audience, and how to deliver a presentation that is able to bring changes in the thinking and behavior of the audience.

WE HAVE A FEW SECONDS TO RAISE SOMEONE’S INTEREST and about ten minutes to keep it. After this interval we need to switch to gain another ten minutes. Maybe this explains why the majority of presentations bore the audience when they are made up of reading lists and illegible charts.

THE TRAINING PARTICIPANTS WILL LEARN through their own presentations – after a thorough preparation – how to use the channels of communication consciously, and how to read the signs of the audience, keeping in focus the primary nature of the message. The most important thing is what the audience takes home at the end of the presentation.

By the end of the program participants will be able to deliver professional, high-energy presentations that can inspire and change the thinking and behavior of the audience.


  • Professional Presentation: Preparation
  • Conscious Communication


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