Negotiation Skills [Advanced]

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Those who often negotiate know that despite of thorough planning they can easily loose their leading position and get stuck in unfavorable conditions. On top of it, these situations usually result in high stress, conflicts and unfavorable deals. Our training program is prepared for advanced negotiators and presents those techniques and methods with the help of which they will be able to avoid traps, and fend off tricks used by experienced negotiators.

PROBABLY EVERYONE KNOWS the typical movement of Lieutenant Columbo, when after having said “Goodbye” he would turn around and humbly ask one more question. That is the point when the relieved suspects would make a mistake, because by then they would have relaxed their conscious concentration. This is just one of the usual negotiation tricks that professionals use regularly and effectively. In order to have positive outcomes in our negotiations we need to know negotiating strategies and be able to adapt quickly, avoid ing traps and counteract tactics.

THESE TOPICS are processed at our training in a highly practical manner. Each participant will experience how the conscious use of techniques can enhance the efficiency of their negotiation in practical situations and will deliver tangible results.

By the end of the program participants will be able to negotiate and consciously carry out their prepared strategy with well prepared professionals, avoid typical traps and reach their set targets.


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