Negotiation Skills

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There are situations daily where we need to reconcile our interests and point of view with each other. Those who negotiate by instinct characteristically focus only on their own interests and goals, and as a result they misunderstand each other. The training provides skills that enable participants to direct effective negotiations while preserving the quality of the relationship at the same time.

THE BASES OF THE EFFECTIVE NEGOTIATION are to handle the respective factors separately, be aware of their weight in relation to each other, the available space for movement and to be able to switch between dimensions. Visible results can be reached if we are able to define this list prior to the negotiation in regards to the respective partner. To this end, conscious preparation for each negotiation is essential along with carrying out the prepared strategy to the end.

THE ABOVE MENTIONED OBJECTIVES define the structure of the training. There will be short theoretical parts followed by role plays to create the negotiation skills foundation for the participants. In the beginning the exercises use general negotiation situations, and from the second part there will be custom made situations to tackle. We will also provide practical tools for preparation and for analyzing the results.

By the end of the program participants will be able to consciously prepare for negotiations and by keeping the negotiating partner satisfied, reach their own objectives.

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