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Sometimes we feel foreigners are strange: the way they communicate, decide or the way they perceive time. It may be difficult to accept their preferences, however once you understand the reason why these differences exist, you will not perceive cultural differences as a hindrance but as an opportunity to learn and explore!

ALL CULTURES HAVE THEIR OWN PATTERNS, habits and customs, which are fixed in the way they communicate, the way they behave or the way they make decisions. Some cultures find it important to have carved-in-stone schedules and punctuality rules while others have an easy-going attitude.

INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE should be understood as part of knowledge management and company-specific tacit knowledge. It should be understood as a tool of strategic thinking and planning, as a source of competitive advantage and added value, the development of which should be started as early as possible.

IN THIS COURSE, YOU WILL DISCOVER the fundamentals of cultural differences and the reasons behind, you will have an opportunity to compare your “home culture” to your “host culture” on various dimensions, and you will receive hands-on practical ideas on how to navigate successfully in a multicultural environment.

By the end of the program, participants will be able to understand the reasons behind different cultural dimensions, communication patterns and time perceptions; hence their communication will be more adaptable to other cultures.

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