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Lifestyle-assessment1In our everyday lives we all have to cope with challenges and are exposed to various, often highly stressful situations. We have to manage time pressure, continuous competition and conflicts at work meeting while high performance expectations and yet find proper time and energy for our private life, establishing healthy eating and sleeping habits and regular exercising routines as well. The way we recover also has a huge impact on our daytime routine and the way we handle our tasks, our colleagues and stress.

Our Lifestyle Assessment program is a unique solution that offers physiological insights for wellbeing and performance in order to develop vitality and performance capability in a sustainable way. The assessment of the physiological data effectively helps to:

  • recognize activities that cause stress
  • analyse the capacity to recover during sleeping and other activities
  • explore the effects of physical exercises

The method allows us to receive an objective self-knowledge about our own physiology and learn what stress and recovery means personally for us.

This way it helps to establish a lifestyle that enable us to better manage everyday stress and capitalize more on those activities that support us both at our work and in our private life. It can also help us optimize the time and activities we spend to recover and also allow us to discover the exercises that are the most appropriate and developmental for our body.

Technological and scientific background of the method

Firstbeat1The participants wear a small, cardiac monitoring device (FIRSTBEAT) during the measurement period that registers their pulse, heart rate variability and breathing data. Wearing the device is very easy and simple, it does not prevent any daily activities.

The scientifically proven device was developed by the Finnish company, Firstbeat Technologies, the leading provider of physiological analytics for sports, fitness and wellbeing. Their method is based on a unique combination of physiology, mathematical modeling and product designs. Their technology has been used by several hundreds of professional teams, big companies and millions of individuals to promote wellbeing, improve performance and establish and maintain a healthy life.

How does the Program work?

Lifestyle-assessment4Participants measure their heartbeat 3, 5 or 7 consecutive days during their everyday life: work, sleep and leisure time. They get precise instruction how to wear and handle the device to ensure proper measuring. During the measurement they are requested to do electronic logging so that their data can be matched with their activities. Participants can freely decide the level of details of the electronic journal, however the more information they provide, the more self-knowledge can be utilized at the feedback. During the measurement phase, participants can pursue their daily tasks and sport activities without any problem.

The participants are encouraged to do varied programs to receive a more complete picture and to review their goals with the assessment to ensure that they will get all the answers they are interested to know regarding their lifestyle.

Sample extract from a report:


After the measurement is done, our specialist helps to interpret the results summed up in a 8-10 page personal report and helps to develop opportunities for improvement during a 2-hour individual feedback:

arrow Which are the main stress factors during work?
arrow What is the quality of sleep?
arrow How to support active recovery?
arrow How do the physical and mental workload develop?
arrow What is the pattern of physical activities?
arrow Are the resources balanced?
arrow Are there any recovery phases during work?

The expert also provides support for the participants individually to develop a reasonable and sustainable action plan to make changes for the better. The intended goals can be further supported by individual coaching sessions.

For teams or organization development purposes, we can generate summary reports as well (where the members remain anonymous). It allows us to detect best practices in working culture and common issues that can be improved within the organization.

Follow-up and expected results

Our specialist with the agreement of the participant follows up the action points within 2 weeks and provides further support for the questions raised in the meanwhile. It is worthwhile to reassess the intended changes in 2-3 months, when the changes are already built in the daily routine.

The following questions will be in the focus during the re-measurement:

  • To what extent the change plan was achieved?
  • What is the degree of change?
  • What further steps are needed?

International results of the program:

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Source: Firstbeat & partners research studies and intervention projects N=1000

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