Leading through Empowerment

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Empowerment has become a popular term in leadership, yet very few leaders know what it is really about and even fewer can do it in practice. These uncertainties and lack of clear guidelines often withdraw us to build on this approach, however it can be extremely beneficial to the organization. It can make the difference, companies need to stand out.


THE BENEFITS OF EMPOWERMENT is widely known; empowered employees understand what is expected of them, know how their performance contributes to the company’s success and are accountable to make choices and decisions about their work. But how can we accomplish all this? How can we empower employees, is it possible at all? What we definitely can do is to improve our own self-empowerment and by our example help this culture to develop.

THE PROGRAM IS DESIGNED TO deeply understand what empowerment can bring to the company and the individuals and how we as a leader can create an environment that allows, enables and supports empowerment to take place. We explore those leadership approaches, responsibilities and tips that help to actually create and maintain this environment.

By the end of the program, participants will be able to understand the importance and benefits it may bring to the orgnaization, develop an approach that improves their own self-empowerment,  and create an empowering environment.