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Agile businesses are complex and require their people to work in increasingly complex structures. Using breakthrough research in Network Science, this course helps to navigate in the word of communities in networked organizations. Moreover, the course helps to get practical insights into how communities and networks are formed, operated and maintained competitive.

NETWORKS DOMITAE OUR MODERN LIVES. From computers to energy, from neurons to social networks we live in a highly connected, networked society and increasingly so. Yet, we are used to get little support in how to understand network dynamics and how to apply them at the workplace. We see and learn day by day how hierarchies become less relevant as we work in parallel teams, projects, initiatives. It’s time to go back to basics, re-learn how communities can make our lives more productive and more entertaining.

WHAT MAKES THIS TRAINING SPECIAL? Our program is a unique mix of practice, science and experimentation. By using business cases and own observations, we jointly explore the opportunities of doing business differently. „What if“ we try new approaches?

„The only way to predict the future is by making it“ – so we encourage participants to create the future,  and not speculate and wait.

By the end of the program,

participants will be able to

  • Recognize opportunities for communities to be built for business advantage.
  • Become aware of community management practices, they will be better prepared to work in the workplaces of future
  • Bolder experiment and learn from their own field experiences

Share insights and directions with others, making them naturally emerging networked leaders.