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At most companies characteristically there is no lack in great ideas, however, the number of successfully carried out innovative processes is minimal. Participants will understand at our program that nowadays creative value creation is an expectation. They will receive tools for developing modern solutions individually or in group, and will learn about how to sell their ideas.

‘IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARED TO BE WRONG, THEN YOU’LL NEVER COME UP WITH ANYTHING ORIGINAL’ – this is how Sir Ken Robinson refers to the indispensable condition of creativity. In order to have a value creating solution stemming from a good idea, several factors need to be in line: the necessary brain functions, courage to think differently, inspiring and supportive environment, and properly managed integrated implementation process, as an indispensible element of a successfully innovation.

IN ORDER TO HAVE SUCCESSFUL INNOVATIVE PROCESSES it is important to consciously examine the organization’s innovative value chain as well from brainstorming to the selection of the innovative strategy, from the d­evelopment of an idea to the selling of the first business solution. There will be a separate part allocated for the presentation methods of the solutions, for presenting advantages / benefits and for convincing managers.

By the end of the program participants will be able to able to consciously carry out more ideas and suggestions, and through the application of new problem solving techniques they might contribute to a more innovative organizational ope­ration.

Potential follow-up courses

  • Professional Presentation: Preparation
  • Professional Presentation: Delivery