Impact & Influencing in Communication

Datum: 23/03/2016 Kategorie: , ,

How to present an idea or a request in a way that it is accepted and supported? How to convince and inspire others to cooperate or take actions for a beneficial purpose? We take an effect anyway, even if we don’t want to – but how can we influence this impact that we make? What differentiates influencing from manipulation?


WHY TO INFLUENCE? The ability to influence and persuade others to take action is a key skill in all business areas; let it be external or internal negotiation, sales work, persuasive presentation or selling a new idea, gain support for a request, or buy-in for our initiative. As all these interactions happen between people whose approach and decision are by nature influenced by others‘ attitude, gestures and emotional inputs, these skills have become a core competence in personal effectiveness.

THE PROGRAM WILL NOT ONLY TEACH THE CORE PRINCIPLES of  influencing and persuasive presentation, but it will also help clarify the role of self-worth and self-esteem thus understanding how to create a good atmosphere for our discussions, and how to convince our partners in a way that also meet their core needs.

By the end of the program,participants will be able to exert influence and made an impact in their communication, build up and deliver persuasive presentations, effectively convince others in negotiations, differentiate and handle manipulation.