Fly for life with Boeing 737

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„Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Lufthansa flight 1341 from Budapest to Düsseldorf. Our flight will last approximately 2 hours, during which we will cross the airspace of Slovakia, Czech republic and Germany. On behalf of our company I wish you a pleasant flight.”

FLY FOR LIFE WITH BOEING 737 is a complex experiential learning activity targeted to test the strategic planning skills, team cooperation and work under time pressure in an unknown territory.

DURING THE EXCITING SIMULATION PROGRAM the passengers are dragged into the atmosphere of a commercial flight by a trainer in the role of a flight attendant. After boarding the aircraft they observe the take off and the flight. An hour prior to the scheduled landing the flight attendant informs the passengers about the situation happening in the cockpit; the pilots have been poisoned by food and the aircraft is being navigated by an autopilot. The flight attendant is not very experienced and the condition of the pilots require his constant attention. Hence the Boeing is now in the hands of the passengers, who as of that moment need to take over the responsibility for the landing at the Düsseldorf airport.

BY TAKING PART IN THE SIMULATION the participants will have a chance to test their abilities by means of an unconventional and entertaining form of a team activity. Reflecting on their work reality during the debriefing phase will help the participants to apply the new knowledge on their jobs.

By the end of the program participants will be able to improve the decision making efficiency, increase the level of cooperation and communication on both personal and organizational level.

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