Engagement Attitude Forming Workshop

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Transforming Employee Engagement

Human performance is what drives the bottom line, and an organization’s processes must be designed around its’ people which requires an understanding of the drivers of human behaviour, in the context of engagement. Based on Positive Psychology, this “Attitude workshop” aims to give leaders and managers this understanding.


Rather than focus on fixing problems or addressing weaknesses, to return individuals or the organisation to “normal” performance, the positive psychology focus on developing and extending strengths is a core part of the workshop, aimed at producing individual and organisational “flourishing” that will result in superior and sustainable performance in individuals, teams, functions and organizations, and can transform employee engagement.


Some highlights of the workshop:

  • Growth and Fixed Mindset: we explore that the view people adopt of themselves, their “mindset” profoundly affects their potential accomplishment, and the approach managers take to coaching and talent. It gives leaders the understanding of potential praise and learning needed to develop the best in their team members.
  • The Biology of leadership: this section uncovers the core of leadership, and the interplay of hormones that drive human behaviour, allowing leaders to understand and use the scientific “why” of leadership.
  • The ROI of positive emotions: it describes how positive emotions serve as drivers of growth, performance and human flourishing, this section will illustrate to leaders the business value of positive emotions.

By the end of the program participants will be able to understand the core issues driving employee engagement. Implement insights into their leadership, performance management and organizational culture.