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The effect of loss is quantifiable, the mental effect is destructive – a bad meeting is the biggest enemy of effective performance. It is highly important to understand when it is useful and when it is dangerous to have structural work meetings. Participants will also get to know the structure of effective meetings, the most modern methods for examining problems and will receive practical tools for handling difficult participants.

Meeting or workshop? What is the difference? What is the objective of our meeting? How long should it last? How often should we have them? Who should be invited for it? How should we handle the aggressive XY? What about the pedantic Z? How can we find out what is in the background of a problem? How can we involve colleagues more in finding and working out a solution?

THE UNPREPARED AND BADLY MANAGED MEETINGS that are not followed up well are considered to be poisonous both by impressions and its effects as well. Our program provides practical answers to the questions above and can be easily integrated, offering tools that can be effectively used for organizing both meetings and workshops.

By the end of the program participants will be able to Able to prepare and lead meetings that are more interesting and effective with less frustration.

Potential follow-up courses

  • Professional Presentation: Preparation
  • Professional Presentation: Delivery
  • Team Sociomapping diagnosis and workshop