Effective Conflict Resolution

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Everyone encounters numerous conflict situations in the course of his work and in his social relationships. These conflicts can either adversely affect relationships or they can be used to clear up a situation. The way we resolve them, will significantly influence the approach of the involved parties to any future co-operations.

CONFLICTS MAY HAVE POSITIVE EFFECTS, TOO; however, unless appropriately managed, they may result in serious consequences, which ruin staff relationships, creativity and productivity, and even waste financial resources.

THROUGH THIS TRAINING PROGRAM, THE PARTICIPANTS WILL UNDERSTAND the nature of conflicts, and will learn how to assess their conflicts, the impacts of those on themselves and their performance, and will also find out how to make conflict outcomes constructive. They are familiarised with the development, components and the customary flow of conflicts, as well as the potential and expedient conflict resolution styles, and the way to apply them.

THE COURSE WILL DELIVER A NUMBER OF TOOLS, techniques and theories of conflict management, which the participants can acquire through hands-on situations. This turns conflict management into an efficient tool that facilitates satisfaction and profitability.

By the end of the program participants will be able to recognize the reasons of conflicts and choose the right style together with assertiveness, and they will reach the best possible solution.

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