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We are living in the world of a digital revolution. More people are connected to the Internet than ever before, using digital devices and services for work and for all aspects of their lives.

But how well do we really know and exploit the opportunities digital technologies offer to make our lives easier and better?

Are we able to look at our daily practices, and moreover, that of our team members with a digital mindset?

Prior to the course, we map the participants’ Current Digital Habits through a short online questionnaire – the tools they use for their daily activities, their general approach and attitude to digital technology and the potential areas they would like to develop in.

Building on this information, during the course we help participants look at their daily activities from a digital perspective and identify areas – ‘pain points’ – during their and their team members’ work, where digital solutions can help to increase effectiveness – be it repetitive, time-consuming tasks, unstructured schedule or lack of skills in something.

By the help of DEVELOR’s Digital Navigator Model and Process Journey method participants learn a structured approach to find, consciously select and evaluate the tools which can help them in their daily work.

During the course participants are not only enriched with methodology, but with ideas, suggestions and best practices about specific tools and gain on the spot experience in using a potential application.

And last but not least they create their own personal journey and action plan for a long-lasting and successful change in their digital habits.

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Review their own working practices for efficiency
  • look at their daily activities with a digital mindset and identify areas where digital technologies could help to improve their efficiency
  • Identify potential digital tools to improve daily practices
  • Create a work plan and process for changing own practice