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Eastern Principles meet Western Psychology

Is leadership simply a set of techniques, or is it something that springs from within each leader? What is the source of leadership, and how can we connect to it? This program, uniting principles from the Japanese arts of Aikido and Kaizen and Western models such as Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology, is designed for leaders who wish to access a deeper dimension to their leadership. The event will generate many insights, helping you to find strengths and energy you never knew you had, which you can apply to create maximum positive effects using minimal actions, whether in your own performance or that of your team.

OUR NEW LEADERSHIP EFFECTIVENESS SOLUTION is designed to connect you with the inner source of your leadership and discover new sources of energy in both yourself and your relationships with new ways to manage your energy and energize and motivate others. The training will also give you a powerful set of practical tools to apply its insights in your daily life and leadership.

AIKIDO LEADERSHIP incorporates insights and principles from Aikido, Kaisen, Positive Psychology (the psychology of growth) and Emotional Intelligence into our leadership of self and others. During the program leaders are guided through an in-depth and exhilarating exploration of these fields enabling them to examine their effectiveness in each of these diverse areas. Through a combination of facilitated dialogue and safe, gentle solo and paired exercises based on Aikido movements, leaders will have an opportunity to explore new ways of acting, speaking, listening, and relating to others with increased balance, grace, and effectiveness in everyday situations. In order to bring this new knowledge into the workplace, the principles behind the physical Aikido movements are matched with cutting-edge models in Western psychology to enable leaders to develop proven strategies for continuous and profound personal development.

By the end of the program participants will be able to:

  • Connect to the core of their motivation and leadership.
  • Find new energy and balance.
  • Lead others in ways that are energizing, creative and facilitate growth. Prerequisites None


Potential follow-up courses

  • Aikido Leadership individual coaching Positive Leadership training
  • Motivation 3.0 – The inner power
  • EQ – Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Coaching