MasterShift Manager

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First level Line Managers’ work is very decisive for any company. They have to represent the interests of both the management and operative working levels, communicate with an impact and solve problems quickly and effectively with both sides. Moreover, they – as direct superiors – have a significant and important role in the engagement and retention of employees. But they are in a catch 22 situation….

Although one of the most important task of team leaders, supervisors or shift managers is to make most of themselves and their teams, in many cases it is their immense expertise that elevates first line managers from their co-workers, yet they do lack experience in leadership skills.

Based on the experience and best practice of more than 2000 training days at over 150 production companies, DEVELOR’s MasterShiftManager Program is aiming at the solution of these challenges.


With our comprehensive development program we support shift managers in

  • having a clear understanding of the shift manager role and the related expectations
  • raising confidence with most relevant leadership tasks
  • acquiring practical & easy to use communication and leadership techniques that improve their own and their team’ performance
  • becoming excellent leaders of even of a significant number of subordinates


  • designed specifically for the first line managers of production companies
  • not a single training, but a consciously elaborated development process, where the elements are consciously built on each other to enhance efficiency
  • combines various training, coaching, workshop and individual learning methodologies to make the behavior and attitude change happen
  • dedicates special emphasis on the involvement of direct superiors in order to clarify expectations, enhance engagement and support the application during and after the program